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1. To suffer from extreme hypochondria.

2. To suffer from paranoia.

3. To possess affinity for ornately patterned shirts.
Ferdia: "i've some headache"
Spud: "no you don't"
Ferdia: "i think i've a pain in my belly"

Ferdia: "you couldn't play strip poker even if there was girls there. sure half the lads there would have bigger dicks than you so she wouldn't be lookin at you anyway"

Spud: "nice shirt ferd..."
by johnnymuldoon January 30, 2007
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usually a very tall boy with amazing blonde curly hair and light blue eyes. also has braces too and is the dream boyfriend. this irish name means “man of god”. will always be there for you even in your darkest times. he’s so cute, sweet, funny, nice, friendly and kind. once you get a boy like him make sure to never let him go because it would be the worst mistake of your life.
girl 1: “oh look over there it’s ferdia”.
girl 2: “who’s ferdia?”

girl 1: “he’s the best boy in the world”
by ellakatesherid7 November 06, 2019
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