A member or supporter of Ferdastreetz and the stunt bike community.
Just got my new stunt parts from Ferdastreetz. Official member of The Ferda Clique!
by KTMWifey December 16, 2020
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The best rapper alive not even c money can beat him. Better not get in this mother fuckers way
Guy : bro is that Lg Ferda we better dip
Guy2 : why?

Guy: because just trust me
by Yourloversman October 18, 2021
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Someone who is completely not For the Boys. This person is the absolute worst. They never come through when their boys need them most and are most likely a huge simp. Often times softer than charmin.
Hey man did you see that shit Matt pulled the other night? He’s totally not Ferda smh.
by BKStaticKilla October 06, 2020
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