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A spin on the classic Hawaiian hang gesture (often associated with surfers) used to show a sign of respect and excitement, specifically for the boys (ferda boys). When one sends a difficult trick for the boys.
Shaka ferda bro let’s go shred at the beach.

Shaka ferda, send it for the boys.
by Tourmaline July 5, 2021
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Stas is the best. He’s so gentle, cute and really really good person. He’s a bit shy but when he feels comfortable with you he’s one of the funniest people in the world. He’s very resourceful. When he is in the relationship he cares the most about his love and his partner is the most lucky.
Person 1: omg Staś asked me out on a date!!!
Person 2: wow you’re so lucky…..
by Tourmaline November 21, 2021
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