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Ferass is an Arabic name that means the the lion that hunt for its prey.
It also means the smart guy, genius guy, the guy that has promptitude .

Ferass has some qualities, he likes food, faithful, religious, successful in his life, smart, likes to hangout a lot, intelligent, outgoing, friendly, loyal, if he finds the love of his life he won't leave her no matter what it costs.

If you have Ferass don't lose him, God gifted you this person.
this guy is so smart I can't believe it, his parents probably named him ferass.
by Unknown kiddy November 08, 2019
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Ferass is an Arabic name given to boys that are expected to be very good looking, very succesful and very intellectual. A Ferass is a friend, a husband and a keeper, so make sure you keep him.
What a good looking baby that will be succesful, MUST BE A FERASSSS!!
by YMKEA January 13, 2015
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