Dude, you should not be cutting the dope with fenty. It's way too potent and people are going to die.
by Devin Frappier June 3, 2019
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In parts of Lincolnshire, when something is exceptionally good it can be said to be 'fenty'
That's well fenty
by TheHoggPosition July 21, 2011
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The act of receiving all of someone's love and affection because they know how truly amazing you are inside and out.
Tim saw Gail, immediately she was fenty.
by LetzGetKraken March 11, 2018
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Street slang for Fentanyl, a commonly abused opioid.

Is often laced in other drugs such as heroin to increase potency, but greatly increasing risk of overdose.
Always test your supply! Buddy had to throw out his stash because it was laced with Fenties
by MinMax123 February 11, 2021
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"fenti" is a word of many different meanings. One sentance this word could be used in, for example is... "you fenti bastard, you!" translating "you corner shop bastard you!" or the old fashioned "you nig-nog bastard you!".

"fenti" could also be used for a cowerdly act such as being too scared to jump off somthing.

you may also find young kids refering to there walkers crisps as "A fenti of crisps" rather than "a PACKIt of crisps".
"dont waste good horses send in a couple of fenti's".
by raku raku dinokun August 30, 2003
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A unpopular homosexual *star* on the website Habbo Hotel who sends inappropriate pictures to guys twice his age.
''I saw you hanging around with Fentys, and so we are no longer friends!''
by TyroneDefines January 15, 2015
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Its something that is always been felt by people who are sophisticated.
Have you caught thr e fenty effect
by Susan fenty February 23, 2017
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