A name given by Lost fans to the Other who posed as Henry Gale during his time spent in the Swan hatch. The real Henry Gale was discovered in a grave on the island and Fenry was exposed for the liar he was.

Fake + Henry = Fenry.
Lost fan: Urgh, that Fenry creeps me out! Jack should have let Sayid have his way with him. *shudder*
by Selfie June 17, 2006
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Fenris pwned TheChaotic and TRWfed.
by daKIDDY April 2, 2005
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i sneezed and a large fenris appeared on my nostril
by dave namegah August 30, 2009
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yay, i'm #12345519 in Hall of Fame!
by Cal May 21, 2004
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A word used to describe a fool. Or someone who suicides or makes an attack that leads to the total rape of his planet. Or someone who creates a pathetic 1 sector alliance.

Especially in the game StarKingdoms.
"Wow, that was a real Fenris attack you made there" or "Dude, your little Fenris alliance has a whoping ONE sector in it!!"
by dA jOsh November 6, 2009
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Former Cadre member we think younger than lorcan and rowan, twin of Connal. <Throne of Glass SJM> classic joke last name but has code with Aelin. PTSD with Aelin and 2ndary white wolf form. Blood sworn to Aelin. You’ll notice the abundance of his existence is tied to Aelin and her court. Where is his family? Aelin is his family now.
Aelin: and this is.....I never did get your last name.

Fenrys: Moonbeam.
Aelin: ....?
Aelin: Fenrys MOONBEAM?
Rowan: it’s true
by Fictionaryy January 13, 2021
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