A hybrid sport combining Football (Soccer) and Tennis. An oversized Tennis ball is used and the sport is played on a Tennis court. Instead of rackets, players use their feet/head/chest to send the ball back and forth over the net, but not hands.

A minimum of 4 players are required (2vs2) but can go up to 8 (4vs4). Play begins with one team serving the ball diagonally over the net to land in the opposite service box as in Tennis. 2vs2 matches are played ‘half court’. Anything else is full court and the ball does not need to land in the service box as with 2vs2.

Players are allowed 2 touches of the ball each and 1 bounce of the ball. It is legal for players to catch a ball 'on the volley' in order to allow the bounce later. This is usually to allow lining up a better or more powerful shot over the net.

In 2vs2, both players must touch the ball at least once before sending it back over the net. In 3vs3, a minimum of 2 players must touch the ball at least once but if all 3 players manage to touch it before sending it back over, this is a "Double Point Chance". If the opposing team 'fumble' and are unable to successfully return the ball at this time, the former team wins 2 points instead of 1. In 4vs4, a minimum of 3 players must touch the ball and the "Double Point" rule applies if all 4 players manage to touch the ball.

Points are scored when a team is unable to return the ball to their opponents. Teams must reach 11 points with a 2-point lead in order to win the match.
Dom: "Who wants to play Fennis?"
Everyone Else: "Only ALL THE TIME!"
by OniEclipse February 1, 2016
Ultimate fangirl/cosplayer who is a Goddess. One of the original founders of CAML (along with Jordi and Sonya). Many aspire to be her, but there is only one.

Also a term for hot and funny cosplayer (female) who fanboys want to know.
Oh shit, that chick is a total fenny!
by Lo-jack City September 6, 2006
A cute feline that loves cuddles and hugs
I know fennie really likes to cuddle
by Fennie floof July 26, 2018
originally "fucked up tennis", founded in Francestown, NH. Played with tennis rackets and ball tubes. For those who didnt get to the pie fair quick enough,other wise known as non- boitch. Fennis was started by people who had no intentions of reaching under the sofa to get tennis balls.
venus and serena williams should play fennis, that way when they grunt,it will be for a reason bcuz random shit comes flying at them
by Catie and Caroline April 1, 2007
The full name of the cutie named fenn
Hey look it's fennie!


You may know him as fenn.
by Fennie floof July 8, 2018
Someone who’s flopping on the floor after doing fentanyl
Buddy was doing the Fenny wop after he did that garbage
by Gods hand December 3, 2021
Used to exclaim how amazing/perfect something was
Jake is always popping fenny!

Paul's party last night was popping fenny.

Did you see that lass walking the other way? She was popping fenny
by Jafac March 18, 2020