If you are a female manipulator you probably listen to Lana del rey, Mitski, Mazzy Star, Melanie Martinez, MARINA, Hole ect.

Or you indulge yourself in vintage male manipulator bands like The Smiths or Radiohead to manipulate the male manipulators if you get what I’m saying.
Sienna : “hey maddie what are you listening to?”
Maddie : “ oh I’m just listening to some Lana del Rey and Hole”
Sienna : “omg YAS pussy cunt slay that’s so girlboss female manipulator music
by Helloworldwhores March 2, 2022
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This music tends to be indie music from bands such as current joys, rex orange county, wallows, etc. Girls that listen to this music can be reckless, toxic, and controlling. But they’re still bad bi**hes
I was just watching a tik tok and I just found out I listen to female manipulator music. Now I understand why I have these toxic traits!
by coochiepower19 August 22, 2020
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If you're a female manipulator, you probably listen to stuff like Deftones, Lana Del Rey, Marina, Melanie Martinez, Mitski or The Neighborhood.

Female manipulators also have a tendency to listen to male manipulator music like Radiohead or Weezer.
Elsa: hey Sarah what song are you listening to?
Sarah: Oh it's hole in the earth by Deftones.
by spiderc4m April 21, 2022
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Female manipulators usually listen to artists like Mitski, Hole, Marina, Lana Del Ray or Melanie Martinez. Other artists include grunge or alternative genres
Ellia: Omg gurl what r u listening to??
Penny: Hole and Mitski!!! theyre my favs

Ellia: You’re gay and you listen to Female Manipulator Music?? Slay pussy hat cutie pie!!
by May 17, 2022
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