She's cute girl and a bully,who always tries to bully Nik by calling him different type of names, and gets annoyed by kirbyeat emoji
Nik: hi felly!
She: hi Nicki Minaj!
Nik: :kirbyeat:
by n1ku May 26, 2019
Why they wanna pin a felly on me
by gravoh September 10, 2018
A craft or item pertaining to neatness or precision; sleek; shiny; clean
We decided the book was new because its cover was sleek, and its typography was precise and fellied.
by Katherine Karsh March 12, 2017
An Aquentance. Short for Fella or Fellow. A Male of your peers.
by romper stomper December 19, 2005
Fear of a girl called Elly, Elizabeth or similar
Grace like others met Elly and now shits her pants in fear, she is just Fellying.

Oh he's Fellying, haven't you met the chick he pissed off? Elly was her name.

Did you hear about Steff, never been the same since she started Fellying
by Dr David Grapes February 12, 2020
A term coined to describe ARK, a white boy who fakes the funk in his car. A combination of Fake and Nelly.
You see that felly roll by? He had 50 cent blastin.
by G March 11, 2003
word used to describe a mans love length penis dick cock etc.
Get the fellie oot
girl says to boy "wanna fellie me?"
by bad santa victim May 8, 2006