When you donkey feels like apple pie or rhubar
Your butt feels like pie is a word
by Luke Johnson April 26, 2020
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A quote from the one..the only.. Roman Sanders from Sanders Sides. My boy <33
It means your feeling down instead of high and mighty I guess lol.
“Roman! Pump the brakes!”

“I’m sorry!”

“I’m feeling bittery, jittery, and not very glittery!”
by Romanseyelashes May 27, 2022
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Definition: When you wanna throw your phone against something to soothe the pain or fusturation you're feeling, but you're flat out broke, so you cope with crying your ass off. And that's what we call ✨Feeling Calum
✨Feeling Calum✨ defined:
Person one: "Oh, crap, not this again!
Person two: What?"
Person one: "Luke spent all of MY money on club peniguin."
Person: "I'm sorry, Ash. Maybe throw something, like your phone at the wall."
Person one: "Are you listening? I'm broke and I won't be abled to buy a new phone."
Person two: "Just don't be to bummed out, you don't wanna ✨Feel Calum✨, now do you?"

"Money" by Aussie band, 5 Seconds Of Summer, is the soundtrack to ✨Feeling Calum✨
by Fakebetch_Revenge November 4, 2020
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