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Also called scare tactic. This is a strategy that various governments and news media uses in order to scare you into agreeing with their policies or points of view that usually involves some kind of protection or banning something which thus enacts more and more useless laws. This also helps keep the population under control as a scared population is easier to control and is more trusting of the government.

They usually fear monger by exaggerating the story or accounting of the events by using massive hyperboles, speak of the object from a negative standpoint and never from a neutral standpoint, use certain rhetorical words such as "dangerous", "lethal", "contagious", or "aggressive" and use only partial truth or no truth at all (aka lies). Usually true journalism and research is completely non-existent when using fear mongering techniques. When the story or segments airs on TV, they also use menacing or disturbing music to further bring out a fearful mood out of the viewers.
The government and media were using fear mongering when they talk about any sort of bacteria or virus.
by Digital Preacher January 10, 2015
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Provoking fear in order to get someone to get stuff done. What Republicans use to fight terrorism and what Democrats use to fight global warming or climate change or whatever they're calling it now.

It's a massive two-way street and is one of the cheapest ways to get something done.
The Republicans are fearmongering so much that Americans are actually starting to believe another attack is coming soon.

The Democrats are fearmongering with global warming to the point where people have just stopped driving their cars altogether.
by Wadeford February 02, 2010
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The standard reply one receives upon telling their friends/family that covid-19 is a big deal.
1: I'm not concerned about the corona virus because i'm not elderly
you: Other people are elderly and not to mention, young people can still be hospitalized with permanent lung damage.
1: you're just fearmongering

Dad: I know my blood pressure if high, i'm 55 and have diabetes, but i gotta go out and play pool.
you: Covid is more likely bad if you have multiple health conditions
Dad: Fearmongering!
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by Huntingtons March 19, 2020
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General response used by conspiracy theorists to deny that covid is a major issue.
Intelligent person: Wear a mask, social distance and protect your grannies and grandads. Covid is a serious disease killing many people worldwide, especially older people, however there have been reported cases of babies, children and teenagers teenagers dying of the virus.

Conspiracy theorist: FEARMONGERING!
by STW 2004 March 17, 2021
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