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Incorrect spelling of Fade

A hero from Heroes of Newerth
She's the "shadow and scythe woman", be very afraid.
She appears to have been inspired by DotA's
Anub'arak - The Nerubian Assassin, though Fayde's
skill set is not a perfect copy of Anub'araks, they have
some similarities and Faydes playstyle mimics that of
Anub'araks as both assume the role of ganker

Fayde is characterised by being dark & sexy

Someone dark & sexy.
Applies only to females due to the feminine nature of the name.
That girl you know with dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair
and an extremely sexy voice. You get wet thinking of her.

That's Fayde
Careful though, the dark side of her personality isn't somewhere you want to be... Don't piss her off.
Phade, Phayde, and so on...

Fayde -

A shadow cast my the evil in the hearts of Man and Beast alike.
Fayde lurks in the dark places of Newerth.
While her scythe-like claws are terrible enough,
it is her abiltity to call forth new shadows of herself
--or her foes-- that is most awful of all....

A: Man I just saw this super hot dark skinned girl
B: You speak to her?
A: Yeah, I creamed myself when she spoke back
B: Yep, that was Fayde.
A: What ?
by rzhhhh June 25, 2010
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I am a melomaniac.
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One who determines they're day with drinking alcohol and drugs non stop.

Also a clean hair cut.
He's a fayde, been smokin and drinkin with him all day, I kant keep up
by Y fayde D February 23, 2009
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