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The art of delaying a decision at the imposition and inconvenience of another party. It is a purely self serving approach that place's oneself on a pedestal. Drawn from Brett Favre's annual ritual of making NFL team's wait for his decision.
Bob: Hey are you working tomorrow?

Steve: I dunno. I might just Favre it and call my boss around 10:30 and tell him I'll let him know by noon if I am going to show up.

Bob: Nice!
by tom_in_sa July 17, 2009
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Verb: The act of sending sexual harassing text messages to someone with photos and video attachments of one's private parts like Brett's Favre's act of sending lewd and crude photos and videos of his penis to Jenn Sterger.
John: So I really like Stacy at work but I don't know how to approach here.

Adam: Dude just favre it! Chicks dig that stuff.
by Apache2.0 October 18, 2010
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