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Fabulous,beautiful, friendly, talkative, sweet, caring, a little on the odd side, very desirable by many, good at almost everything, GREAT in bed, a Tall attractive girl. Many guys secretly love her, yet don't know how to approach her. She can be loud at times and yet also shy. Faviola is an awesome partner in bed. Faviola's beauty is natural. She has great features including her killer smile, she is all a guy wants and is most likely a model. she is the most amazing person you will ever meat .she is beautiful on the inside and out ! Her wired but loving personallity means that she can be pushed away but t never gets her down. She will always put others before herself . She sometimes could be freaky Faviola is that one girl who is really pretty and has some very nice eyebrows. Grows up to be thick.Faviola is the prettiest name osrs she is the type of person to stand up for herself and the people she loves no matter what she will never take shit from anyone she is the type of person who could make you laugh instantly and she be havin guys fallin for her cute face and personality she is really tough on the outside because she doesn’t want to let people know that she is hurt she locks up all here feelings and doesn’t let anybody too close she is so fucking gorgeous and is so popular honestly she be havin all these hoes jealous and all thes niggas wanting anyways the definition of the name Faviola is a girl everybody should have.
She is amazing!! She is a Faviola
by Chicochocolate537 July 16, 2018
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Una niña pendeja que esta enamorada de carlitos.
She's a being a faviola
by Prescott7762222 October 07, 2017
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