Boy#1:Damn look at that girl son!

Boy#2:Ugh man I know she got a FAT Back!!
by Expierence February 4, 2010
When you hit somebody’s back with your hand cupped and it make a loud ass noice
*hit back* **smackin sound** damnnnn juicy back(fat back) ass
by Fatbackass May 13, 2019
The flab that hangs over and around the back of a fat woman's bra. Also rolls of fat that incorporate the undrarms and shoulders of said fat women.
have you seen that chick eat? No wonder she's got a ton of fat back on her.
by jotthedot March 28, 2006
The layer of fat that runs along the animal's back. It's VERY salty, and yet you can't stop eating it.
I don't care that it's making my blood pressure sky rocket, pass me another piece of fatback!
by mima phat April 17, 2005
the pubis area in which your pubic hair grows; the area above the penis or labia
"taylor couldn't reach cam's cock, because his hairy fat back was in the way."
by gimmi mora head February 19, 2007
Also a layer of fat that runs around an unhealthy persons waist
Tim, awww put ur fat back away your making me sick.
by Mr Melon May 23, 2005