1) Buttocks with a large fat deposit in them.

2) A fat person who acts like an arse.
1) "Bitch that is one fat arse!"

2) "You are a one fat arse, Tom. You ate all the pies and then threw up on the Pope."
by Stuart Fletcher February 14, 2005
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smelly, obnoxious girl type thing that takes up way too much space.
stop ruining my couch you Fat arse Grainne
by leroy styles September 22, 2010
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A female on the street that refuses to give you a cigarette upon request
Female One "Do you have a cigarette?"
Female Two "No sorry"
Female One "You fat arse whore!"
Female Two "What did you say!?"
by Stuart Munro December 1, 2006
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This is the top of the ranks for rating a female , these words may only be spoken by the most alpha of alpha males
Aw man that b.e definitely has a fat arse tight pussy
by Bownerboy August 17, 2019
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