Novio secreto de Lady Gaga y experto haciendo croquetas.
Valero flamenco
by olekolearsa June 7, 2013
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A Northern Whittier descendent of earlier Quaker settlers from the 1800's that has developed a large form of content in life. The amount of content filled by a Nick Valero can only be measured by an uncountable number
I lost my job today... it's ok, I will have a Nick Valero mentality. Life is great.
by hooootttdoooog March 3, 2015
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Mega gay that kisses people named Brennan and William
I’m Jaden Valero I like men
by Urmom123123 September 6, 2021
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He is the best person that you know, he is beautiful, sweet, friendly, and he is also very intelligent and honest
-He is the best, he might be a Rodrigo Valero
by uncrack10 March 10, 2017
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