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Refers to visitors at any Disney Theme Park. Essentially either a disney visitor who doesn't use fastpasses or poorly organizes their schedule to result in the use of foolish fastpass decisions. Also for people who use fastpasses on rides where it is completely unnecessary, such as the stitch ride or any show.
Wow, look at those fastpass noobs. They just got a fastpass for buzz lightyear when it has a 10 minute wait and space mountain has a 60 minute wait.
by Rapta dude March 30, 2010
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An act of messed up stuff involving a speedo, belt, and post of some sort. You wear the speedo and tie the belt to the speedo and post, then commense to hump the speedo. Basically semen will come out because you get an orgasm in the butt.
Dude, I totally california cornholed yesterday, and I seem to be constipated.
by Rapta dude November 21, 2009
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