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The most frequent comment under every Reddit/Instagram/etc post that features a map of Europe. Given the country of Turkey's geographic location straddling both Europe and Asia, it is featured in almost every post with a Europe map. Most people who comment this are just trolling, pretending to be triggered over Turkey being a part of Europe. However, this is also likely linked to Turkey's recent negotiations of entrance to the European Union, which many people are strictly against.
fanmaps: Here is a map of the primary language group of each European country *features turkey*
by nickcityplanner July 19, 2020
How uneducated/uncultured people in the world of Speech and Debate spell the event extemp. This spelling is particularly cringe and nonsensical as the full term for extemp is "extemporaneous speaking", where there is literally no "t" after extemp. If you spell or say it this way, you will receive ridicule and will be slapped with the face with Brookings Institution/Economist articles by every extemper within a 100 mile radius.
Sally: "He competed in extempt throughout high school."
Chad: "It's not extempt you reverse think tank, its EXTEMP"
by nickcityplanner December 11, 2021
A phrase people dealing with infections such as conjunctivitis or influenza say to others when they don't want to scare anyone because they are contagious. They usually say the allergies are environmental, such as from dust or pollen, since these sorts of allergies often produce similar symptoms.
Dimitri: Why are your eyes red? Do you have pink-eye?
Ivan: It's allergies, I think it's from dust.
by nickcityplanner January 10, 2023
A common pejorative used by University of Florida students to describe Jennings Hall, a residence hall on campus. The name was dubbed after Jennings Hall became associated with mold, poor air quality, and filthy communal bathrooms.
Nick: I know someone who lives in Jennings Hall
Ally: Oh you mean Dirty J? I remember hearing horror stories from its residents last year. And its in such a distant of campus.
by nickcityplanner January 10, 2023
How British people probably say the word "fuck". The "ck" at the end has more emphasis so it results in a little extra sound at the end of the word.
King Charles: My mother Her Majesty the Queen passed away today.
Prince Harry: Fockuh
by nickcityplanner January 10, 2023
A common typing error you make when typing "google maps" on mobile. When entering this, the top of the search results will display "Showing results for google maps, Search instead for google maos". If you actually google "mao", the result will be Mao Zedong, the founding father of the People's Republic of China.
Steve: "I accidentally typed google maos instead of google maps."
Willie: "Its ok, it happens on mobile all the time."
by nickcityplanner July 9, 2020
A town in Lithuania, situated between the two largest cities in the country, with Kaunas to the west and Vilnius to the east. It was built during the Soviet Union for workers at a new power plant to live in. In contrast to most other Lithuanian cities of its size (14,000 people). It is mostly composed of Soviet style apartment complexes. It straddles the Elektrenai Reservoir, an artificial yet beautiful lake built to cool down the power plant, which is basically not being used anymore.
Matas: "Hey while we're driving from Vilnius to Kaunas do you want to get some Hesburger?"
Darius: "Sure there is one right up ahead in Elektrenai where all those tall buildings are."
by nickcityplanner July 4, 2020