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Cheap, store brand microwave popcorn that, when you pop it, smells as if someone passed gas into the bag before it was sealed. It usually tastes like packing peanuts, too.
Little Jimmy: "Hey, mom! Did you just pop some fartcorn?"

Mom: "Must have. My bad. It was on sale."

Little Jimmy: "Well, I ain't eatin' that shit."
by OrangeElixir July 05, 2013
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Popcorn that is made for the primary purpose of diguising fart odors. Note that fartcorn has the smell of normal popcorn until it mixes with fecal gases, often resulting in a slightly burnt/sour odor.
Officeperson 1: "Gross! Do you smell that?"
Officeperson 2: "Yeah, Bryan made some fartcorn to cover up his wicked gas."
Officeperson 1: "Well at least he is trying. Last week he gave 2 rows of the cube farm a major crop dusting."
by Rob Whitson April 03, 2008
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