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The kids who are basicly hicks, but listen to glitzy hip hop music, because they want to look like they're straight outta "the projects." They aren't exactly a wigger because they don't act out black culture. And the worsed drug they've ever been around is pot.

They hide in universities and colleges because nobody knows where they actually come from and what their status was in Farmsville USA. In reality, these kids were probobly geeks, and lord knows that they wouldn't last two seconds on the streets of any major city, despite how much a badass they might seem.

Basicly, a farm fuck is a hick who listens to rap music.
Northwest, shit, that's a farm fuck school.
by zoey April 10, 2004
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BTW- I did not mean to suggest that black people use drugs, that was a poorly executed statement.
o.o.o.o.o.o..o.o.o.o. YAY
by zoey April 11, 2004
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