Doric dialect of N.E. Scotland

fara boots means where about
fara boots ya fae min ? where do you come from sir?

oil workers from N E Scotland are known around the world as the Furry Boots from using this phrase in conversation
by Jockaroo February 23, 2010
The act of eating whilst having sex and shoving the leftovers your partners rectum.
Why is Bill walking with his legs crossed?

Because the guy behind McDonald's gave him a Dirty Fara.
by Timothy Poo 2 June 5, 2021
The act of getting your tongue piercing caught under and stuck in your partners cock ring.
The paramedic laughed when my lover told him I received a filthy Fara.
by Dirty Dub September 19, 2021
The greatest human to walk the planet, unlimited amounts of drip. transcend all forms of alpha/sigma males.
Faraes is in the country, everyone shut your eyes the unlimited swag drip baka might hit your eyes
by Faraes August 20, 2021
Damn that’s a filthy Faras, we can get free food here
by FarasDaRat November 22, 2021
Faras, the girl that different from the rest. she is cool but hard to get. she had brown eye and sweet lips. Faras is not your typical girlfriend, although she is hard to get but she is very loyal to the one. Faras is girlfriend that will let You proved that you love must be unconditionally time and again. Faras,who was by your side when all the world was against you. A girl name Faras were the one that will love you unconditionally and loyal to the one. she is sweet little girl that try to love you and take care of you as much and as well as she can.
Faras is so special. with her, your whole day is filled with thoughts of her, falling in love with her is the best thing that ever happened in your life.Nothing that would give you greater joy than to see you happy always, you are the best thing since God made man, forever she will be the queen of you're heart, she love is everything to you.
Spending time with her is undoubtedly the greatest thing ever. It’s the most enjoyable thing in life. But when you are apart, every second is spent in agony waiting to see her again.
she is so beautiful, lucky for that guy to have faras.
by lolipop candy November 22, 2020
A person that is strong and smart. She has a good taste in arts such as filem and book. She is amazing person with great positive personality. A lovely and cute girl with a beautiful smile. she can be annoying and can also be funny and lovely. she is strong but her heart is like a glass, so take care of her heart like you take care your's. She is loyal smart and beautiful girlfriend that is not easy to get.A hard type girl where a flirt won't work and a sweet talk is too. A hot girl with body and face ten , she have amazing arts works and build. Don't let her go when you get it because she might be your soulmate .
i must be so lucky to have faras as my girlfriend, my soulmate and my twinflame.
by lolipop candy November 23, 2020