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The one unwanted unworn pear of crusty jizz soaked feet-warmers found on the floor next to your computer's chassis. Used generally for emergency fap purposes when the girl's at work or too tired, or when you're single.
Hmm can't find any dish scrubbers. Guess I'll just use my fapsock to scrub the iron skillet.
by IsraelHands09 January 25, 2011
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The one sock, which lost its identical twin, that is used solely to masturbate efficientely and quietly. In addition, this piece of equipement replaces the use of tissues, containing the semen. After proper hanging and drying, the fapsock is reusable. One can possess multiple fapsocks.
- Hey bro, can i borrow you some socks?

-Yeah, just don't take these, they're my fapsocks.

-.... Oh.
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by kwikscoper July 04, 2016
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