A word used to describe someone who makes painfully obvious remarks.
You and Steve walk in the rain.
Steve: man it's wet out!
You: Thanks Fanshawe!
by Walesrocket February 27, 2009
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A party school located in London, Ontario and is also referred to as FUNSHAWE. School is full of hot but dumb ass bitches and tons of blow. The guys in the school are complete fagots other than the ones that live in in merlin q building where all the big juice monkeys live. There also is a bunch of fake gangster niggas who completly are the bigest pussy's and claim they come from brooklyn. In general great school but the real party is on the fifth and fourth floors of Q building.
I fuked a bitch at Fanshawe college for bus fare and then i walked
by tadavid locco March 8, 2010
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A sick school dedicated to constant partying. They care little for the actual schooling, but make the most of their time in school by having the time of their life. The school is infamous for its student housing located on flemming, as well as neighbouring streets which are conveniently right beside the school itself. The students have a tendency to get outrageously wasted and do stupid, but equally hilarious things on a constant weekly basis.
man, i had the craziest night on flemming beside Fanshawe College last night. I punched a hole in this guys wall and did a 30 second keg stand, then i found the sexiest bitch in the party and fucked the shit out of her
by crizzler November 2, 2010
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1. An off campus house for the elite Fanshawe College students
2. The place to spend Halloween
3. The place to party
4. Home to the hottest girls in London, Ontario
5. Ran by the nicest landlord anyone has ever met
1. "Have you seen those two huge buildings on Third?"
"Yeah, only the best students live there!"
2. "Halloween was epic!"
"Yeah, I spent it at Fanshawe House. I've never been so
3. "I had the best time of my life partying at Fanshawe House..
too bad I can't remember any of it"
4. "Damn, those Fanshawe House girls are fucking hot!"
5. "Edith only yelled at me once today!"
"Was it in Russian?"
"I'm not sure, I can't understand anything that foreign bitch
says to me!"
by DickSon6969 January 16, 2009
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Fanshawe Community College is located in London, Ontario and somehow survives in the shadow of the city's main educational institution, UWO (University of Western Ontario). Fanshawe students are infamous for partying on any day of the week, receiving numerous tickets relating to overwhelming noise complaints, public drunkenness, selling alcohol without a license, etc... and spending more money paying off fines than on their tuition. Many fanshawe college students feel they have a rivalry with UWO students due to the simple fact that they are in the same city, examples are the females believing they are better looking, and males believing they have bigger dick, etc. The odd fact that everyone forgets is that the majority kids who didn't get into UWO went to colleges such as Fanshawe. As well, the few students who aren't complete morons realize that to have a decent future they will need to attend classes at a university such as UWO. In conclusion, Fanshawe is full of sluts and dicks, (and the odd guy who has his head on straight) who need to chill.
Female Fanshawe College student: "That UWO bitch is so stuck up, she'll only sleep with one guy at a time!"

Male Fanshawe College Student: "DUDE! I'm so drunk! Let's go jump some western kid who looks like he might have a lot of money!"

Fanshawe College Student: "I didn't have the marks to get into UWO so I ended up going to Fanshawe F'in College."
by This is why I left Fanshawe November 2, 2009
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the type of person you see and instantly regret seeing them. they are insanely annoying and call you a gimp because they are just jealous. honor is not liked my most people and you better watch out. honor is usually about 5,7 with blond hair and green eyes. very annoying.
"ew I met an honor fanshawe today"
"oh no poor you, you were with honor fanshawe"

"I dont want to sit with honor fanshawe"
by I dislike honor March 14, 2023
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(in China in the late 17th to 18th centuries) a person regarded as having an undemanding, unassuming, and shy style typical of noble rural men
"the fanshawers rose up to challenge the colonial sages"
by Kittymeowsical January 29, 2022
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