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noun. the action of a female, spontaneously and without warning, forcefully inserting her pointer finger into a man's anus during sexual intercourse as he orgasms, while exclaiming "FINGER!!!".
I was having sex with this chick and she totally pulled a family business on me. Guess I shouldn't have taken it on the lam.
by Knadles January 05, 2012
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a sweet kanye west song, from College Dropout his only good album, before he got cocky. But this album and song he did was amazing
"Have you listened to Family Business, that shit entrances me"
by Quit Raping my Cat April 07, 2010
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a response to denote extreme incredulity.

can also be used to denote that someone is a hot mess.
Did you hear that Chantelle is pregnant...again!?!

Wow... family business.
by k. bris July 30, 2008
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