Falling Up is an American, Christian, alternative rock band from the small town of Albany.
Falling Up debuted on February 24, 2004 their 12-track album, Crashings.
by Maikeru0202 September 1, 2009
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The act of tripping or falling up something. Usually it pertains to tripping on stair steps or other vertically aligned structures.
"I laughed so hard when Jeff fell up the stairs yesterday"

"I was trying not to fall up the stairs even though I was completely smashed."
by Reegi July 19, 2009
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When one falls walking or running upstairs.

Also known a tripping up stairs.
So the other day I was talking to this super cute guy and the next thing I knew I was falling up stairs.

Sooo embarrassing.
by trippenstairs November 10, 2009
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Term used to show how difficult a task is, or the amount of time something would require.
I’d have to fall asleep standing up to teach that girl to be DTF. So fuckin prude, it would take forever…

I ate so much pizza hut today, I’d have to fall asleep standing up to burn off all the calories.
by Syracuse JOHNSON December 17, 2009
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a phrase used as a roast. commonly used when being a bae snack.
caroline: why don't you just fall up the stairs
larkin: fall up the stairs? ok?
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