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A small city located in south eastern Massachusetts that is filled with wiggers upon wiggers. Caution: Attempting to leave one's home in this city will undoubtedly result in the pure urge to knock the living daylights out of these aforementioned wiggers. The city's climate consists of long, ungodly-like freezing winters and short wigger-filled summers. Unlike friendlier parts of the world, any attempt to look at and invoke a "hello" from most individuals in this city, will result in angry stares and possible threats. Some of the most annoying locals can be found wasting both their time and gas on "the ave." With nothing to do and even less to see, staying home is your best option.
You'll know you're in Fall River when you hear words such as: wit (with), boi (boy), wifey or shawty (wife or girlfriend), ma (female), and many other annoying made-up words.
by Kerberos84 February 18, 2011
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