The game that everyone hates to play, yet still play.
Friend: Hey man! Want to play fall guys?
Me: Sure!

*1 minute later*
Me: What the fuck is this bullshit game!?
Friend: Want to play another match?
Me: Absolutely.
by /blu3101 September 25, 2020
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What the people the media calls criminals usually really are, the ones that took the falls for the ones that betrayed them.
The media tells you those guys are criminals, but in reality there is no honor amongst the people that had them arrested, since they are the same ones that betrayed them. The same people that tricked them into getting locked up are the ones that trick vacationers out of their money, then report about it on the media to defer suspicion somewhere else. Fall guys are picked by these people based on their weaknesses, so that they become targets when the going gets tough, or when people would start to suspect them instead of the people they say are the criminals (kind of like scapegoats that make themselves easy to find).
by Butter Cream Mouse June 08, 2021
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