Fake blonde refers to a woman whom natural hair color is not blonde. But she dyed her hair to blond in order to attract more males.
"Fake is always fake, you fake blond can never be a pricess!"

"I'm sure I'm better than you, at least I'm a dirty blond, but you're a fucking Black!"
by Fake blond March 20, 2009
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Hair that has been bleached (and bleached) until it becomes light in color. Not to be confused with orange or green. Fake blonde is unnatural blonde. May have toner over the bleach to add "natural" highlights.
"Hey, you need to touch up that fake blonde, your roots are showing"
by 2 Madre August 15, 2008
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A disorder that many fake blondes come across where although to the rest of the world they may look very blonde they see themselves as their hair still being very dark. Often resulting in futher lightening and lightening without ever reaching desired result. In other words, to you they look blonde, to themselves they look brunette.
She is a blonde bombshell but she still thinks her hair is dark, talk about a fake blonde complex.
by blondefolyfe January 25, 2011
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Someone who is so fake blonde that they don't even bother dyeing their hair blonde
Haters: alhaitham isn't a fake blonde, he doesn't even have blonde hair
Me, an intellectual: exactly hence he's fake fake blonde, which makes him the fakest blonde mvp
by satomeow May 19, 2023
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