Usually seen in comment sections of YouTube or Facebook videos. Many videos are faked in hopes of going viral. To call the video gay is not a literal sense of the word gay. In this situation, gay is being used to call something stupid. When combined together, "fake and gay" is not only calling the video stupid but also saying it is clearly fake to be share-bait.
Person 1: Woah! PrankInvasion is making out with his sister in his new video!
Person 2: Fake and gay
by DemZzz March 31, 2019
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A phrase often used by people commenting on YouTube videos
'I realise that some of the content of this video is not entirely real/true and I am not happy about it.'
Trollzor : FAKE AND GAY!

n00bz : @Trollzor i agree that this video has not got a

satisfactory amount of realism.

Trollzor : @n00bz ._.
by manicmonster14 January 19, 2012
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Something that is both fake and gay. Popularized by
Dude, did you see that new video on

Yeah, it was FAKE and GAY!
by MonkSEALPup June 14, 2008
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popular term used on =3(YouTube Show) describing, videos, people, things and more
Most commonly used by Trolling Ray and trolls in the comments.
1. Ray this video is fake and gay.
2. Ray is fake and gay.
3. That transvestite is fake and gay. Oh wait, nevermind.
4. Fake and Gay! Fake and Gay! Fake and Gay!
by Changstax February 9, 2010
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Something the Youtube 3rd grade joke teller came up with. His mindless sheep/puppets aka fans post it on videos they don't like then thing they are cool.
Comment One: Cool video
Comment Two: Funny lol
Comment Three: Fake and Gay!
@comment Three: Just another mindless sheep pandering to RWJ I see.
by YourEvilHeroz March 26, 2010
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"fake and gay" is the combination of the two most common insults in the limited vocabulary of the stereotypical YouTube troll. They were mashed together as a parody by popular webshow host RayWilliamJohnson (or RWJ) in his online series, "=3".

Since then, fantards of the show who are incapable of original wit use "fake and gay" as a sort of battle cry, spamming it in the comments section of any video Ray links them to- much to the bemusement of whoever made the vid or anyone else who watches it.

Contrary to popular belief/denial, "fake and gay" was never funny.

Variations include "false and homosexual", while, although slightly funnier, is equally as unoriginal.
Comment 1: Awesome, nice job with the effects!
Comment 2: LOL this is gonna go viral for sure
Comment 3: fake and gay
Comment 4: fake and gay
Comment 5: fake and gay
Comment 6: Oh great, here come the =3 retards...
by Hurrrrrr March 7, 2010
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"fake and gay" is something subscribers of the youtube channel =3 like to litter all over the comment sections of youtube videos regardless of whether the video in question is actually "fake" and "gay" or not because these RWJ drones are too stupid to think of anything original or relevant to say and they have this unfortunate misconception that repeating something ad nuseam is actually cool and funny. All they managed to do is to make themselves look like a bunch of mindless robotic douchetards.
common usage by RWJ drones:

sxephil begging video

"fake and gay"

charlie bit my finger video

"fake and gay"

obama inauguration speech video

"fake and gay"
by capitalistpig March 29, 2010
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