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the person you asked to go out interseted in the event (e.g Cinema, movies, fun fair, circus etc) and is not interseted in you.
Chris- "hey tasha, you wanna go out with me?"

Tasha- "err, no."

Chris- "i got tickets to go watch Kung fu panda"

Tasha- "i love kung fu panda! il see you at the cinema"

Doc- "Man Chris, shes not interested in you, shes interested in the movie, you got yourself a fake date!"
by atchaboi July 10, 2008
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A person who associates themself with another, just for the purpose of stating theyre presence, with no sexual or any other type of activity .
My date for the prom was a complete fake date
by dudeforhire1229 June 20, 2004
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When two people agree to say they are dating, to avoid being targeted by thotties Jerks and/or Bollins
Let's fake date, we'll get off the thotty radar.
by Bigboobedprobz February 23, 2014
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