Being in the state of absolute aimlessness . Words uttered while being fait are pointless and random.
Fait Chai A: You are so fait!
Fait Chai B: Kum Yau Mei Bit!
by Platinum K July 9, 2005
Fait 126, 600cc's of raw power and build quality
by Jonto December 30, 2005
(pronounced "toot ah fay moot ah fay")

french for "toats mcgoats".
said to express concurrence or approval; "totally!"
by MadamemoiselleChantal April 29, 2010
Did you see the PVAMU game last night, Faite Williams scored 500 points
by SomTingWongWitPussy April 19, 2020
Another one of those French expressions that have slipped into the English language. This one means to be familiar with something.
Jackie are au fait with sadomasochism.
by olx April 30, 2011
I thought you were au fait with tomorrows weather
by Vas Deferens469 February 18, 2017
Effectively, "fate." Inescapable; futile to not accept it.
Death and taxes are a fait accompli.
by Magic kitty June 9, 2022