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The most awkward individual in any given group or social body. often own an Ab-Lounge and will use it in public with no hesitation. Enjoys Miley Cyrus music and eating the heads off of mice.
Hodge is being so Fahey right now.
by Fahey March 26, 2008
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a chubby beer drinking know it all who will try to argue his way out of being wrong instead of admitting his stupidity..

can also be a chubby fag
eat it you fahey, did you have to drink my whole freaking keg..
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a man that runs like he has down syndrome, a man with krust hands and a stained gold tooth and some how at the end of the day, everyone still loves a fahey
matt stones is a fahey
by alex T May 01, 2005
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pronounce FAY-HEE synonym for queerboy.

3rd in line in the food chain. Never at work due to extreme Herpes flare ups. A man who's back is so freaking hairy it would take all day to wax it off. Also, any man with a 2 inch or small penis.. ie; J. Reich, Parnell or Jesse..
Must be something to do with the nightcrew said the young vixen.. they all have 2 inch penis's on the TECC.
by studly gary December 22, 2003
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