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Bukka- Originated in Bombei, India by Habeeb Jones and Cupta Petal

-Bukka is idea
-Bukka is a culture
-Bukka is a lifestyle
-You are either for Bukka or against it

1. an exclamation of excitement when playing basetball (specifically 'and one')
2. used as a greeting
3. used in place of something that is amazing and/or terrible
Habeeb went in for a layup and got fouled while still getting Bukkettas and screamed out "Bukka" in excitement.

Cupta was waling through the gym and bumped into Habeeb and yelled "Bukka" instead of hello.

Cupta- "So Cupta, i got Bukkad last night."
Habeeb- "wait, was it good or bad?"
Cupta- 'YES!"
by Habeeb and Cupta April 10, 2017
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