1. ornament or join (fabric) by faggot stitch; "He fagotted the blouse for his wife"

2. A faggot is a kind of meatball. Faggots are a traditional dish in the UK, especially the Midlands of England. It is made from meat off-cuts and offal, especially pork.

3. A burning or smouldering piece of firewood; A bundle of sticks tied together.

4. A cigarette.
I finished faggoting my pants together so that I can set down to a meal of steaming faggot balls roasted over a fire made of faggot piles and smoke a soothing fag afterwards. All in a days work.
by BigDaddyC October 11, 2009
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A cross between a frog and a maggot. also known as Justin Bieber
Wow that person is such a faggot! Wait, don't you mean Justin Bieber the Faggot.
by Jelloo April 26, 2011
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A slang term used for a gay guy
"Yo you see that guy wade over there yeah he and amelia are both faggots"
by Uk36yeahaight March 02, 2019
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Slang term for homosexual, usualy one who is flamboyantly flaming
Guy A- Want to know an easy way to make a thousand dollars?
Guy B- How?
Guy A- Suck a Cock
Guy B- Wow your such a faggot
by word March 01, 2005
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1. A bundle of sticks.
2. British term for a cigarette.
3. An insulting term for a gay male, usually used by insecure straight males of the teenage persuasion to "show that they are not gay". Still, used among gay men, "faggot" is sometimes a term of affection/badge of pride, but it is still a loaded word.
Faggot: A man whose emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction is geared toward other men; in other words, a man who loves men.

-"Damn, you're such a faggot!"
-"Thank you."
by Lorelili January 18, 2006
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As you can see, the other definitions are old and posted by self hating idiots. The real meaning for faggots:

Heterosexual males who are homophobes.
Dumb ass: i hatez faggots ! UR A FAG

Smart person: No sorry I'm not homophobic like you, I'm not even hetero! Too bad, you just owned yourself.

Dumb ass: uh... wot fuck shit i hatez myself......

Smart person: Well get an education, you'll feel better. Peace!
by I thought you knew? August 18, 2009
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