To me the word BILT is something that cannot be argued with. I feel that the word BILT has been a word that has incredibly developed over the years, becoming a word that is used everyday language. The word BILT means to develop the muscles over your body to to point where they are ripped 24 hours a day, without a doubt! If you are BILT you dont even have to flex to show off your muscles. They are just there. BILT is also a way of describing someone who is rather large, or big - In a none negative way, use BILT to describe a larger person. But in all reason BILT should be used in context with muscles.
"Man, that guy is BILT"
"I wish i was as BILT as he is"
"Dont tell me, your going to get BILT"
by Dr Jones April 5, 2005
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In the suburbs of Solihull United Kingdom a group of guys from college decided they wanted to get BILT. They ate spoke and drank the gym until they became so incredibly bilt people began to say, ', your obviously no strabger to the weight room'. When saying BILT it often sounds like BELT, it is used for people who have developed their muscles incredibly. Dave D, Danny P, James S, Faraz A, Simon P and Gareth D.
'Man, that guy is Bilt....he's obviously no stranger to the weight room.'

'Flip in heck, did you see that woman, she was BILT.'

'Dude, that day was BILT'.
by David D April 4, 2005
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It's "Built", you idiots! As in "well-built". To build a body, body-building. Not "Bilt".
Did you know body-builders can't spell the word "built" properly? They're so stupid they think it's "bilt". 4 of them!
bodybuilding built
by Green-aum February 2, 2015
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A very huge head
Ex) You have a bilt
by Pie 3.14 March 17, 2014
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BILTS-Bisexual leaning towards straight
guy:Ummm i heard you are that true?

guy2:Acctually im BILTS.


guy2:Bisexual leaning towards straight

guy:Oh....i..guess that makes sense

by random dude 44444 February 19, 2010
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