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1.) A one of a kind, super cool, super sexy individual.

2.) Mushroom i.e. Fadilla

3.) The smoothest damn MOFO you ever did meet.

**Derived from the language of Ja!**
1.) That Dan dude over thurr is one fine ass fadilles.

2.) Yo, odelay man I want some damn fadilla soup yo. And if I see some fadillas on my pizza mein, I'm gonna flip, ya dig.

3.) Fadilles is the bestest ever!
by Scott Jablonski September 01, 2004
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1. A self-loving homopappy who feels the need to promote himself on message boards and urban dictionaries

2. A lover of fattymams that inexplicably will use the term moof at times.

3. A faig.

4. The reason why NJ gets a bad rap.
If you make anymore posts about being gay, Fadilles will feel jealous.
by Heywood Jablome September 02, 2004
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