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1: Intricate, fast, and unbelievably skillful playing of guitar, Usually referring to a solo or just random shredding.

2: A substitute for "Unbelievable", "Amazing", "Astounding", and other remarks of extreme approval; Usually referring to music.

3: World Of Warcraft-specific slang for the Shadow Priest class.

4: A term for when a man ejaculates a large quantity of semen on a woman's face, thus giving it the appearance of "melting"
1) The guitar on Through The Fire And Flames by Dragonforce is facemelting with it's speed and melody.

2) The band Joe had playing on the stereo was facemeltingly good.

3) I was grinding my paladin up some levels when this jerk obliterated me with his facemelter.

4) The facemelter, as seen in countless pornographic videos and pictures.
by Kolle December 09, 2007
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any activity so good it makes you feel like your face is melting off of your skull.
The sex was so good, I had a total facemelt.
by angry bangs April 02, 2009
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When a shadow priest unleashes his spells onto a victim, it completely melts their face off.
OMGWTFWOW!! did you see Locustaire melt that warriors face off? That was an epic facemelt if I've ever seen one!
by Kynrah October 12, 2009
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facemelt is when u feel like everything goes to shit and u roll on the floor trollfacing
the dude was totally timing.... what a facemelt

i shot the dude with 2 mags and 1 nade and he didint die.... OMFG WHAT A FACEMELT
by Viitanen March 01, 2011
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A home made water pipe made out of a plastic bottle used for smoking sour diesel, preferably. Sometimes referred to as a reversed gravity bong, originating from Sweet Cottage. The effects of ripping an ideal face melt results in intense feelings of the victim's entire face literally dripping down their skull and crawling down their throat.
Hey Julien, come rip this face melt.
by Mini Puss August 16, 2009
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One of the most epic bands ever formed. Yet, abruptly dissipated after only two performances due to unknown circumstances. While most witnesses of Facemelt's magnificence believe that it is forever lost to memory, some still claim that the legendary band still lives, demonstrated by their mantra "Facemelt Lives" or "Face me it lives."
Facemelt is the best band ever and it STILL LIVES!!!
by Tyrel "Firehead" Borowitz September 16, 2008
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