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noun, verb, face·douched, face·douch·ing.
1. A person who posts wall comments, articles, or joins groups that are inane, arrogant, or otherwise douchey on the website
2. the act of being such a person.
–verb (used with object)
3. to apply a facedouche to.
-verb (paradoxical)
4. the act of using the term 'facedouche' on
1. Man, did you see Doug joined that Facebook group for assholes who love Hummer H3s? What a facedouche.

2. This guy posted my private phone number on his facebook page just to be a dick; he totally facedouched me.
by TheBigEll September 04, 2008
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One who, incessantly, unnecessarily posts on others' walls, comments on others' photos, and pokes other friends on the popular social networking website, Facebook.
"Daphne just wrote "urrr sooo hottt" on six different people's walls! What a facedouche!"
by eSKape February 21, 2009
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An individual who abuses the connectivity and ubiquity of social networks, specifically Facebook. Behaviors such as incessant updating of his/her status ("Seth just woke up and is super-pumped to start his day!", "Seth is eating a bagel", "Seth is taking a dump"),obscure/pretentious status updates ("Sara is waiting..."), commenting on every friend's status update, and posting inappropriate photos of others.
Did you see the head shot Seth used for his profile picture? That guy is such a Facedouche.
by Gaggly Arty February 19, 2009
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