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An individual whose sole purpose of having a Facebook account is to gather as many friends as possible, friending anyone and everyone. Most times this is done to feed an unhealthy ego.
Enos: I just got 10,000 friends on FB. I am the man!

Roy: Yea, but Ashton Kutcher will always be a bigger Facebook Pimp than you.
by FB Pimp July 03, 2010
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Facebook Pimp: Any male or female that posts One or more hit wonder photos of themselves and it starts receiving a lot of comments "Likes" and attention. Facebook Pimps will sometimes deceive you in there photos and may or may not look like themselves in photographs, they have uploaded either because they're fat, ugly or both. Also they take pictures at weird angles to hide excessive fat or edit them and stretch out the photograph so they look skinny and attractive knowing they're not.
Miles: Dude! erica has 120 Likes from a whole bunch of dudes! She's soo hot!

Vladimir: Dude chill she's only a "Facebook Pimp" she's ugly ..

Miles: You just ruined my day!
by Still Not Quite Human August 10, 2011
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a guy who can seemingly get loads of woman over facebook apps, but can't really get the same in real life
I have only had one girlfriend, but over facebook so many girls want me. My friends refer to me as a facebook pimp
by Busby Berkeley April 28, 2009
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One who can't pick up a girl in a normal social setting so they resort to picking up girls on facebook
Wow, Amit has a girlfriend....He must be a facebook pimp
by Wick^K February 27, 2007
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