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A person who spends too much time looking at people's pictures, conversations, and information. They especially take the time to check out people of the opposite sex they have never met before or talked to before. Facebook creeps also have random conversations with people of the opposite sex who they would never talk to in person, and think they have some type of "game". A good facebook creep will start a relationship with the person who they randomly started talking to.
Person 1-Nick was talking to this girl in our hall who he never talked to before.

Person 2- What a facebook creepers!

Person 1- Can you believe Nick goes out with this girl who he met on facebook. That's not wierd or anything

Person 2- Ha,Ha! I'm sure this kid thinks he is the man now cause he has a girlfriend. Too bad the only reason he goes out with her is because of facebook.
by antifacebookcreep October 20, 2010
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