Public Display of Affection on Facebook, usually when a couple publicly swoons over each other, when they should just text each other, pick up the phone, or heaven for bid just talk to each other to save the rest of us from the cheesy and showy interaction.
Person 1 is ... "I love you sweetie"

Comment ... Person 2 ... "I love you too my love! You're the best! I'm so lucky to be with you"

Comment ... Friend ... "Enough with the Facebook PDA"
by FacebookAC August 24, 2010
This occurs whenever someone posts maudlin crap on their bf/gf wall about "how much they love them and how they have changed their life and blah blah blah etc. etc." and then it pops up in your news feed and you feel sick and awkward as if some sort of intense real world PDA has gone on in front of you.
"I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and how safe and secure I feel with you and how you brighten my life... etc"

Did you really just post that on his/her wall? This Facebook PDA is really starting to make me sick now think I'm going to go hurl now. Kthanxbye
by guitarlove June 3, 2010
A "Public Display of Affection" on Facebook. Examples include wall posts and status updates.
Mike Smith wrote on Stephanie Miller's Wall:
"Hey Sexy, Just wanted to let you know how much I love you<3 ;-)"

Stephanie Miller wrote on Mike Smith's Wall:
"Wow... Into Facebook PDA much?? lol I love you too baby<3"
by BoilerUp February 19, 2009
The compulsive need for guys and girls to write all over their girlfriends/boyfriends' Facebook walls, as if they don't realize that everybody else will have to see it and honestly most people don't care!

Wall writing my include, but is not limited to:
I love you :)
Babe, I miss you soooooo much!
When next am I seeing you?
I'm so sad cuz you're not here :(
etc. etc. etc.
Friend 1: Did you see that Jenny and Tom are "in a relationship" on Facebook?

Friend 2: How could I not notice. They've been together for 2 seconds and the Facebook PDA is all over my News Feed.
by Ellarina January 2, 2011
When annoying couples swoon over eachother on Facebook, when they could have easily just texted, or heaven for bid, tell the person how they feel. Usually leaves the rest of the Facebook community feeling awkward and disgusted from the cheesey showy interaction.
Joe Thill wrote on Courtney Disch's wall:
"I had so much fun with you today, darling. You looked soooo cute."

Courtney Disch wrote on Joe Thill's wall:
"Awh, well aren't you the sweetest <3 You looked cuter though.. I love you baby times a bajillion."


"Seriously, go away with your annoying Facebook pda."
by YourWorstNightmarex3 October 18, 2011