The embarrassing misinformation that goes out to all your friends when one of a couple edits their Facebook profile, and makes a change in relationship status that isn't echoed by their Facebook-listed lover. Suddenly 235 people learn that "Suzie and Sally ended their relationship" and the commiseration starts pouring in.
Honey, did you really leave your wife of ten years, or is that just a Facebook Breakup?
by Miselaineous August 14, 2008
Derrick is listed as single.
Brittany "What? When? Why?"
"Sorry, girl you just got a Facebook Breakup"
by Akira Moon November 16, 2008
A methode of breaking up with your signifigant other through the facebook private messaging system. This methode of breaking up serves as a methode of identification for the lowest of the low.

Along with with the classic "Text Message Breakup" or "Email breakup", a "Facebook breakup" demonstrates a compleat lack of class on the part of the person ending the relationship. Anyone who has had their relationship ended in anyone of these three ways should take confidance and pride in the fact that the person they were daiting has just demonstrated the maturity level of a 12-13yr old. Along with the fact they have just inequitably won the throne of the "Douche" world.

For those semimgly unlucky few whove suffered a facebook breakup at the hands of their once signifigant other/ now self-proclaimed King/Queen of the Douches. Count yourself among the lucky, This indirect-methode of breakingup shows a lack of responsability, but more importantly, a lack of character by the person ending the relationship.

Any person willing to resort to such a low methode of breakingup has never been, or never will be worth it.
Example 1:

Tom-"Mark! Sara just broke up with me though facebook... is she serious, a facebook breakup?"

Mark-*Blank stare* "I'll be right back"

Tom-"Where are you going?"

Mark-"Sara's Coronation, I hear she was just crowned Queen of the Douches, want to come?"

Tom-"No, I think i'll just send her a douchebag in the mail. I'm sure she'll understand why I couldn't make it."

Example 2:

Crystal-" Jen, Dave just boke up with me through facebook"

Jen-" Thats beyond low! Just forget him, he was clearly never worth it! a Facebook Breakup is a clear sign of no class"
by ...really?! January 8, 2009
The act of scouring your entire facebook page, removing any traces of your ex. This could be pictures, comments, likes, etc.
Person A: Dude I just broke up with Jenna
Person B: I know, I saw you doing a Facebook Breakup
by nerdrage201 June 5, 2011