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When a girl squats down on some poor fool's face and moves her hips around. It's womankind's eqivalent to tea-bagging.
Zombie Stripper: My boss was totally being a dick to me.
Other Zombie Stripper: Why would you take that from him?
Zombie Stripper: Dont worry, I knocked him on the floor and drowned him with a Face-Dance
by The Man Your Man Wishes He Was February 25, 2011
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Ninth Studio Album by The Who released March 16,1981.
Face Dances:
1."You Better You Bet" – 5:36
2."Don't Let Go The Coat" – 3:43
3."Cache Cache" – 3:57
4."The Quiet One" (Entwistle) – 3:09
5."Did You Steal My Money" – 4:10
6."How Can You Do It Alone" – 5:26
7."Daily Records" – 3:27
8."You" (Entwistle) – 4:30
9."Another Tricky Day" – 4:55
by Taxman September 17, 2006
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