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The aggressive smearing of a vagina on an unwilling victim's face. Often used as a prank to awaken asshole men, but is also effective as a defense tactic when attacked by mountain lions.

Similar to teabagging, but far better as a weapon, since 1) testicles are weak, difficult to aim, and easily bruised, and 2) a face taco can potentially kill a victim by suffocation.
John: This morning my girlfriend woke me up with a face taco; I thought I was under attack by a burglar with a fleshlight.

Bob: Yeah, same; I was dreaming that I was Luke Skywalker, about to freeze to death on Hoth, so I crawled inside my dead tauntaun for warmth. After I woke up, it took me 5 minutes to realize I wasn't still inside its carcass.

John: I would break up with her if it wasn't for all the mountain lions.
by Taco22222 September 23, 2014
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1. A taco that you don't eat, you just rub all over your face and it seeps into your skin like lotion.

2. A mouth.

Guy1: Hey dude, what are you doing. Why are you rubbing that taco all over your face?

Guy2: Its a face taco.


Guy1: Shut your face toco.
by Carter_GodCraft1 July 09, 2012
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