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The point in a romantic relationship when pictures of the couple begin to appear on Facebook, and or when the relationship status changes to "In a relationship".
"It looks like Kat has made it to Face base with that new guy."

"Yeah his picture is all over her profile now."
by Elgebar December 05, 2009
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Your update feed on facebook. The place where you start when signing into facebook or go to when clinking the "home" tab. The place where you see all of your facebook friends updated status and such if you haven't blocked them.
I noticed that my best friend broken up with her boyfriend when I signed in and saw my facebase. I knew she would be calling me soon to talk about it.
by MyMusicAddiction August 21, 2010
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the act of facebooking that resembles the use use of freebasing cocain. Hours of use that leaves you feeling empty inside. Feeling powerless to say no from compulsive checking to see if any one has made a comment. Repeated comments on your own posts.
Last night I was at the the movie, but I all that was on my mind was another facebase.
by leonfun1 February 22, 2010
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That point in a relationship at which people engage in oral sex hence applying their faces to the other's home bases.
Me and Sarah? We got to face base last night. Now we can change our relationship on Face Book to face base.
by My Favorite Old Martian December 11, 2009
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Your friends on Facebook. Can also be a verb. Facebasing.
Dude! You have over 1000 facebase. WTF? Do you KNOW these people?

So I was facebasing late last night and realized that my new date might have history with 6 of my facebase. Wonder if I should not accept the friend request to keep things cool?

Can I add him to my facebase?
Have you talked to him more than twice ? If not

it could look like you are stalking.
by Eiger2 April 19, 2010
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