Lil billy started his career when he was featured in one of DJKs songs and his most famous bar is (she liked Logan because his meat wasn’t tender but the last person she liked was transgender)
Lil billy has the funniest bars you’ll see
by King of the hill April 16, 2019
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Lil Billy Bang (WV) is an up-and-coming rapper from Martinsburg, WV. He was recently added to Genius Verified for his song "Icebreaker and Like Hardaway." Recently his music was aired on 103.7 Shaq Fu Radio in Miami where he got 20,000 streams on his song "Icebreaker". Shaq Fu Radio is owned by NBA Hall of Famer Shaq.
Did you hear that Lil Billy Bang (WV) song just got aired on the radio?
by King BW W April 30, 2020
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