derivative of "fo sho", which comes from "for sure"
The X is where its at
Fa shizzle
by pyroprincess July 18, 2003
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coined by Snoop Doggy Dog with his crackhead in an attempt to make rhymes in his rap songs.
by mofohoe April 24, 2005
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stupid gibberish created by people who are too stupid to know real words, so they make up ones.
"fa shizzle ma nizzle or go gizzle on my wizzle"
by Even Flow May 31, 2005
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most annoying thing a person could ever say
dude1:snoops dumb
dude2:Fa Shizzle
by jerk March 20, 2005
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When it becomes hella dark and shit and you live in the hood and shit and pop glocks and eat moyonaise sandwiches riding on impalas and llamas and you see this one white dude get shot.
by jpee pee March 29, 2005
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