Someone who is between a FWB and a Partner.
It's a "Friend With Emotional and Erotic Benefits."
It's that relationship dynamic where neither of you have the time, energy, desire, etc to be in a full-time committed relationship, but there's a strong emotional and physical relationship when you interact.
My FWEEB and I don't hang out often, but when we do, it's pretty intimate.
by WhereMyPolyculeAt April 24, 2022
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Fashion + weeaboo. A person obsessed with fashion, especially Japanese.
Josh bought yet another pastel t-shirt from Japan... What a fweeb.
by mahounasu April 1, 2017
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Short for a friend with benefits.

A purely sexual relationship that does not involve feelings or commitment.
No, we aren't dating. We're just fweebs.
by Mr.Rogers_MN January 25, 2011
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A human cross-species between a Weeaboo and a Furry.
Billy: Dude I just went to school today and saw that weeaboo kid with cat ears, fangs and a tail.

Mike: That's what we call a fweeb dude.
by Hailey - Aiden Walker (Aries) February 18, 2017
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It just means fweeb, it just does, (exhales)
Shkaboobity bop day fweeb over daer
by Mr. yee December 7, 2017
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A Fwerb or "fat dweeb" is a mildly obese child between the age of 8 to 13 that has an uncontrollable urge to play Xbox, eat Cheetos and be an overall cocky little smartass. Can usually be found wearing khaki shorts, black DC shoes and stupid flat-brimmed hats
My brother has turned into a full-blown Fweeb since he got battlefield 4.
by Jimmies rustled April 28, 2016
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