Friends With Attitude.... Is a very good and popular rap group, based out of Bharleston. They're one of the best memes on the planet

Popular songs include the goofy song, the Emory song, and the I'm selling memes in yo hood song

Members Include - E-MUNY$$, Keshi-Kong, CinnaBoyz, Finn the Finneser, Special K, Hype God, Pac-Man, Scout Master Steve, DJ BEANER,
1 - Yo, did you hear that new F.W.A. track?
2 - Yeah dude, it was fire.
by E-MUNY$$ February 18, 2017
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Future whore of America; a pre-teen or teenage girl, to young for prostitution, but well on her way. This includes girls wearing an excess of makeup, particularly slutty clothing, or UGG boots.
Matt and I walked by Abercrombie and took some time to laugh at the fwas.
by CallsEmAsISeesEm July 21, 2009
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Frontier Wrestling Alliance. English wrestling federation featuring stars such as Alex Shane, Doug Williams,Jody Fliesch, The Wonderkid Johnny Storm,Spud and (Formerly) Burchill. Regular appearances from American talent such as AJ Styles, Sonjay Dutt etc.
FWA is great, although they need a heavyweight title that isnt a rip off of the old WWF intercontinental one
by HeartBreakKid25 March 18, 2005
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used when pissed off, and swearing just doesnt cut it
i just broke my moms favorite coffee mug... fwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
by Matt Moran November 17, 2003
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yelled when you're extremely jacked or fwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
i hate this job!Fwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
by matt November 17, 2003
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1. A type of magic word you'd exclaim after/during some amazing action
2. Soft moss
3. Slang for "Toss", "Throw" or "Catch"
Overall "Fwas" is used very loosely as a sort of smurf word meant to be understood based on context
"I do believe my favorite cloth is one that resembles fwas"
"He was fwas like a boss"
"fwas fast"
via giphy
by TiberiusOfThePieProphetOrder November 29, 2016
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